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Wel Come to Our Web Site about Mian Channu, a land of Eastern culture, designed by Muhammad Bilal Mujahid. Monthly updating. Insha Allah












Trade & Business



Main markets of City Mian Channu

  Vegetable  Market Fruit Market Grain Market
Cloth Market   Cattle Market

Wood Market

Meat Market

Steel Market


Main Bazar

Anarkali Bazar

Banoo Bazar

Shah Aalmi Bazar

Crecent Bazar

Urdu Bazar

Dakh Khana Bazar

Motti Bazar

Patti Bazar

Thana Bazar

Sadar Bazar

Sarafah Bazar

Musjid Bazar

Mughal Bazar

Rail Bazar

Phatak  Bazar

Al Hadid Bazar

Jinahh Bazar




Fasial Market

Saleemi Market

Shaddab Market

Motti Plaza

Chohan Market

Mujahid Market


AlQaim Market


Building Material Utility  Store


Sanitary Store Super Store Karakary Store
Electric store Departmental Store Sweets House
Electronics General Store Bakers
Hardware Store Jeweler  
Steel Decoration Shoes Store  
Marble & Tiles Computer Dealers  
Paint House    


















































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