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History of City Mian Channu.

Mian Channu being a Mandi Town is situated on main Railway line about 96 Kms, from Multan City to the East .It owes its name to a most sacred and pious saint named “Mian Channu” whose tomb is situated about 2 Kms. towards north western side of the Town. Mian Channu is famous for its agricultural equipment industry as well as the area around the city is very fertile for wheat and cotton production.


Mian Channu is a flourishing and well renowned Madni Town of Multan Division.

The site was fit for growth due to topographical features. With the introduction of canal system, it became a fertile area & the Town developed as a Mandi Town in the North of Railway Station of the same name.

          In the year 1919, it was declared as a notified area Committee and in 1938 as a Town Committee. Its limits were last extended in the year 1950. Since then no extension has been made and the development in the Town from 1947 to 1961 remained slow. It was assigned of Municipal Committee in 1975, as it had grown into small urban centre by that time. After that the Town started developing and major growth has been taking place from 1972 to 1984. But the trend of growth in this period has largely been along G.T Road and in the northern direction.

Now the area of the City is about 1.96 square miles and its population is 6,18,620 Persons 14August 2001.

The Town did not show fast pace of development in the industrial sector soon after the inception of Pakistan . During the past decade any how the trend of manufacturing of farm implements has inspired the owners of local workshops, resulting in Ghazi Industries, Roomi Industries,  Jamal Industries and kamyab Industries etc Now two Textile Mills (1982) were set up on G.T Road within 3-6 kms. From Mian Channu to raise the economic base as well as to provide employment opportunities to the people.

          For a period of more than a century, Mian Channu has been part of District of Multan.With the raising of status of Mian Channu to a Tehsil Headquarter and creation of a new District of Khanewal from Its July 1985, Mian Channu Tehsil become a part of the new District of Khanewal.

Famous Personalities:

The city has produced leading politicians like Pir Sanullah Bodla former MLA, Ghulam Haider Wyne (Former Chief Minister of Punjab), Pir. Aslam Bodlacurrent MNA and ch. Shujat Hussain Qureshi. Compare Tariq Aziz of ‘neelam ghar’ fame also did his early education from Mian Channu.Another specialty of the city is particular form of sweet which is called Khushi Barfi. Mian Channu is also home to politician and aristocracy therefore one can see grand ‘haveli’ style buildings in the city.


The area of the city is about 1212 Square Kilo Meter.

Location Boundary Wall

  Mian Channu is  a Tehsil Headquarter of Khanewal District and is situated On L.M.Q Road at a distance of 96 Kms. from Multan towards East. Sahiwal lines on the east of the City at a distance of about 72 Kms. Being on the Mian Railway Line and national Highway, it is well connected with the surrounding urban centers.

Population  :  


Urban Rural

population is 6,18,620 Persons

Population 616707

(Census 98)



Expected up to 2011        =8,62,255 souls

Average Growth Annual ratio @2.63%

Male Ratio @51.80%       = 4,46,648

Female Ratio @48.20%   = 4,15,606


Ratio @14.40%






Union Councils 26




 244341 Acres

Cultivated Land=229047Acres

1600 Acres

2242741 Acres

Cultivated Area

Populated Area

Villages 175

01 174

Housing Units/Buildings

Total=106466 Nos

17069 Nos

89397 Nos


All the houses are built with solid bricks and concrete. Lifestyle is modern, the use of electric and electronic equipments is common.

Village ,Colony & Towns

Union Councils

Urban Union Councils

Rural Union Councils

UC 72 City Mian Channu
UC 73 City II Mian Channu
UC 74 City II Mian Channu

UC 76 44/15-L
UC 77 129/15-L
UC 78 131/15-L
UC 79 134/15-L
UC 80 137/15-L
UC 81 126/15-L
UC 82 123/15-L
UC 83 115/15-L
UC 84 93/15-L
UC 85 57/15-L
UC 86 92/15-L
UC 87100/15-L
UC 88
UC 89
UC 93 123/7ER
UC 94 Rootla
UC 95 Jharahi
UC 96 14/8AR
UC 97 7/8AR
UC 98 Chogha Pangoaana
UC 99 Noori Suhag
UC 100 Ghous Pur



Eastern culture blended with the colors of religion Islam.


The soil of the Town consists of alluvial deposits. The topography is mostly flat and is irrigated with 15-L Canal and its distributaries. The installation of tube wells is also increasing very fast. The natural slope is from North-West to South-East.


Spoken language is Punjabi , Urdu .


  Muslim Population is 97.5%, Christian 2.4% and other 0.1%


 The climate of the Town is dry and hot during the major part of the year. Sometime the temperature rises to 128 F in summer. The months from November to February are fairly cold. The summer season is considerably longer than the winter.

Climate and Soil Conditions

The Mian Channu  has a very extreme climate i.e. Fifty-two degrees Celsius in summer, with temperatures falling to bellow zero in winter. The land around Mian Channu is very fertile. A diversity of crops are grown, mainly cotton, wheat and rice, and like the Multan district, Mian Channu  is also famous for its mango orchards. The average rainfall in the district is 93 mm. Mian Channu and its surrounding agricultural land is irrigated by both canal water and tube-wells. Spring, Winter and Autumn are the best times of the year to visit Mian Channu.


 The rainfall average is about 6”-7” and the wind direction is usually North-South

Main Crops

 Wheat , Grain, Peas, Barley are the important crops of Rabi season, while Kharif crops are Cotton, Sugarcane, Jawar, Bajra, Oil seeds and Rice

Main Fruit

The main fruits grown in this Tehsil are mango , Orange and lemon. Some good verities of mangoes and oranges have been developed recently.



Total Metal led Road

Road Links

Power Supply

Rate of Literacy :  67.8%

Rate of Birth

Rate of Death

Rate of  Unemployment

Height from Surface of Sea:  437 Fit

Regional Physical Condition


Many Cast living in city and its surrounded areas like Arain , Mughal, Malik ,Jatt Rana, Sheikh Rajput,Sayed,Gujar, etc


 Simple food like vegetable & meat




Mian Channu  is a formal punjabi city. Usual dress is Shalwar Qameez, Dhoti (Tehband) is also popular. Old people keep Pagri or Safa on their head.



Major works

Major works are Farming and Trading. Many people are serving in Government in Private sector


Popular sports are Kabaddi, Kushti (wrestling), Gulli Danda, Cricket, Football.



Main Vegetable

Number of Power House Station

Number of Tele Phone Exchange


Industrial unite


Agricultural Implements Industries


Petrol Pumps


C.N.G Stations


Cotton Factories


Textile Mills


Sugar Mills


Cold Storages


Paper Mills


Rice Mills


Flour Mills


Oil Mills


Ice Factory


Lather Factory

Agricultural implements industry

Silk Factory

Plastic Factory

Daal Mill


Fancy Tile Factory

Soda Water Factory

Garments Factory

Water Tank Factory

Major and Famous Industries

Animal & Birds

Health &  Fitness



Hospital T.H.Q


Hospital R.H.C












Middle School Tehsil Mian Channu


M.C. Schools  Mian Channu


Primary Schools Tulamba (S)


School TULAMBA( N)


Primary Schools  Mian Channu